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February 5, 2004

by Nadia Khan

In your life, you meet certain people who leave indelible marks on your hearts and minds. It could be a friend who you run into by chance at a time when you are distressed and whose smile can be infectious enough to bring a smile on your frowned face also. It could be someone on whose impulse you finish that expository paper you had been delaying off for quite a while. It could be someone who gave you that first hijaab on that first day of your new life. It could be someone who shared her or his moments of happiness and grief with you, showing you how much you meant to them. It could be someone who gave you a ride when you were running late for your exam. It could be someone who lent you a cell phone when you needed to make an urgent call and your cell phone’s battery had died. It could be someone who lent you a shoulder at times when you were depressed and gave you a new insight for starting all over.

The fact is that each one of us meets people at every corner of our lives, who simply flood our lives with their generosity, selflessness and beauty. We are extremely thankful and obliged to them at that particular moment but over time, the memory of their acts fade. By saying, “thank you very much”, we are inclined to believe that we have paid them back. But Allah (swt) says in Quran: “Is the reward of goodness aught save goodness?” (55: 60) The least that we can do is to make all such moments a permanent part of our memories, never to be forgotten. We should always keep the favors done by these people at the front of our minds so that each time, we run into them, we are reminded of their sweetness and beauty. We should also let them know frequently through our words and actions, how much they mean to us. We should always remember them in our duas as well without theirs asking us to and should ask Allah to reward them profusely.

Many of us are going to graduate soon and are going to take away with us a treasure of golden memories. But before we steal away silently into our own worlds, we should take apart each and every memory of ours, pick out that particular friend who we owe this memory to and thank him or her cordially. It will bring a big smile on the faces of those who once were the cause of a big smile for us.
When Allah (swt) can record our good actions in His eternal book, we can also make an effort to record the actions of those who did good to us in our books. While He is going to reward those who performed good actions after we die, can’t we also reward those who did good to us before we die? May Allah (swt) give us the heart to recognize goodness and to acknowledge the Ihsan of His and others on our souls. Ameen

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Rami said

Beautiful Sister...very beautiful..Ameen.

on February 5, 2004 7:59 PM
Sana K. said

Masha'Allah ya ukhti..we have tons of memories to share..may Allah swt reward you.. Aameen!

on February 5, 2004 10:42 PM
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