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April 5, 2004
Are We Ready?

by Ibn Muzaffar Syed Hussain

It's something that, once in a while, we're told to be always mindful of. It's the one thing that is guaranteed for all of us yet it's the one thing that all of us run away from the most as well. I'm sure all of you have realized by now that that thing is not a thing at all, but the ultimate reality - death. Allah, Glorious is He, has told us a few times in the Qur'an, of which one is in Surah al-'Ankabut, "Every soul shall have a taste of death...". (29:57)

However, the question is how many of us have done anything, or are doing anything, to prepare for it? The above Ayah goes on to say, "...in the end to Us shall ye be brought back." Allah the Almighty has made two promises in one Ayah namely that we will return to Him after we die. So we KNOW that we will die and that we will meet our Creator, but are we ready for it? If we look at our lives, and let's put modesty aside for just a moment, can we say that we won't feel ashamed in front of Him on Yaum al-Qiyamah? Or is there so much for us to change in our lives that it will take the rest of our lives to do so?

There was a poem circulating a few years back that asked us whether we could allow the Prophet (saws) to enter our homes without any hesitation or we would have to get rid of all the un-Islamic things in our homes before letting him in? How many of OUR possessions will we have to eliminate before we can even remotely feel that our belongings and our lives are somewhat in accordance with the teachings of Islam? We live our lives as if we're going to live forever. We want the best and the elite in everything concerning this life, but whatever happened to wanting the best for the Hereafter? The nicest houses, the most expensive cars and the most up-to-date clothes, yet when someone asks us to give something for the sake of Islam, how many of us make excuses? How many of us try to sneak out of fund raisers for Islamic causes or fail to volunteer at any Islamic event?

Allah is closer to us than our jugular vein as He says in Surah Ya Sin, so there is no fooling Him. And those around us know our financial situation as well, so there is really no fooling them. Which leaves whom? Ourselves. We think that by just being Muslims, it will be enough to save us on the Last Day, the Day where there will be no shade except the Shade of Allah. Yet when our lives are in NO WAY in accordance with His teachings, then how do we expect for Him to do us any favors? Allah only helps those who help themselves, and many of us don't even bother helping ourselves, forget about the rest of the Muslims. We don't even have "time" to pray five times a day because we are so "busy" doing this or that. What will we say to Allah? Oh that I was too busy making money, or I was watching a movie or I was hanging out with friends, so I missed your prayer. He doesn't need our prayers; WE need them so that we can get away from this transient life and focus on our relationship with the One who gave us life.

My point, brothers and sisters, is that this life is way too short for us to indulge everything we have in it, which doesn't mean that we just sit in our houses and wait for Allah's Order to come. It means that we must do everything keeping only one thing in mind, that we are doing it for Allah. If we have that intention, then we CAN'T do alot of the acts we indulge in every day. When we miss a prayer, are we doing it for Allah or against His Orders? When we hang out with that girl from class, is that allowed by Allah? What about when we backbite against someone or curse at another Muslim? I'm sure Allah didn't allow that either. No one is perfect but we have to try our utmost to mold our lives according to Allah's Decree. He's the One who gave us life and He's the One who will give us death, no matter how hard we try otherwise. Trust me, I speak from experience. It's when we experience the fact that we are totally helpless in front of Allah, because when He wills something to be, it happens regardless of our actions or our prayers, is when we realize that truly Allah is in control. After we die, nothing will remain except our good actions, but the question is how many good deeds do we have? Of course no one can count his or her actions, whether good or bad, but we have to try to do as many acts for Allah as we can and maybe, out of His Infinite rahmah, Allah will forgive us and enter us into the ultimate happiness - Jannah.

I'm sorry if I rambled but I've been out of practice in writing for three months now. Insha'allah let me know what's bad or good about the article and I can edit it if you like.

All that is good of what I have said is from Allah, the Exalted and everything else is from my own nafs.

Allahumma a'izzal islaama wal muslimeen. Rabbana aatina fiddunya hasanah, wa fil aakhirati hasanah, wa qinaa 'azhaabannaar.

Wassalaamu 'alaikum
'work in this life as if you'll live forever, prepare for the Hereafter as if you'll die tomorrow'

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Talal said

No editing required :)

The Little Reminders are back with a bang.
MashaAllah, Hidaya just got a lot more complete.

on April 5, 2004 2:52 PM
Nadia said

Assalam u alaikum,
Mashallah a great article. I was just waiting for an article on this much-needed topic. It is true indeed that death comes even before you know it. If we start thinking conciously before we speak or do anything,we will be sending a lot of good deeds for the Hereafter Inshallah.
May Allah(swt) give us patience to deal with the loss of our loved ones, and give us hidaya for doing everything in our means for the Hereafter before death knocks on our doors. Ameen

on April 5, 2004 4:21 PM
Zeina said

SubhanaAllah, it hits hard when u have to experience it firsthand. Tragedy always wakes a person up, but Allah(SWT) has reasons for all, and Allah(SWT) knows best. We as individuals just have to be reminded every now and then, which is what this article does. JazakAllah kheir for sharing this.

on April 6, 2004 12:32 AM
Ibn Muzaffar Syed Hussain said

Yes truly we have to be reminded for Allah says, "And remember, for verily remembrance is of benefit to the believers." May Allah guide us all to the Straight Path.

Ibn Muzaffar Syed Hussain
'work in this life as if you'll live forever, prepare for the Hereafter as if you'll die tomorrow'

on April 6, 2004 1:09 AM
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