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May 13, 2004
Let us count all the colors

by Nadia Khan

As I was reading the Quran in the morning, I came across the following verse.
And if they believe in the like of that which ye believe, then they are rightly guided. But if they turn away, then are they in schism and Allah will suffice thee against them. He is the hearer, the Knower. [2:137]
And following this verse was another verse whose beauty did not fail to strike my heart. Allah(swt) further says:
(We take our) color from Allah and who is better than Allah at coloring? We are His worshippers. [2:138]
SubhanAllah. All the colors of this world are embodied in the truth of this verse, “Who is better than Allah at coloring?”
We just need to look around and the verity of this ayah is going to strike us beyond measure. If we look up, we will see the shades of blue and white towering above us, eyeing us from far away. If we look around, we will see the shades of green waving their heads to meet our eyes. If we look with delight, we are going to find the innumerable colors of flowers adding to our delight; the shades of purple, orange, blue and red. However, this scheme of colors doesn’t just end in the physical environment. Allah (swt) has given us our near and dear ones in different colors too.
The colors of blood are present in the form of our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives. Each and every relation of ours is colored in a different hue and all these hues add together to present to us the bouquet of our life.
Not only, there are colors present in our blood relations, but there are colors embedded in even those who are strangers to us. There are blacks, whites, Pakistanis, Chinese, Arabs and each can be distinguished from the other. And then, Allah(swt) with his brush of Equality obliterated all these shade and made only the color of “Taqwa” stand out from the rest.
The most beautiful of all his colorings, however, is the coloring of Islam. Islam has the tinges of all other religions, the religion of Moses and the religion of Jesus, the Judiasm and the Christianity. However, after pooling all these different hues together, Allah (swt) brought about the evolution of the most colorful religion, Islam, and made it stand out over the rest of the colors.
SubhanAllah, He indeed is the true painter, the “Musawwar”. May Allah(swt) paint us all with the shades of His names, and give us all the henna of true Islam. Ameen.

Today, Yet again, I will ask from You
For a shadow of Your unconditional Love
For a color of Your boundless Mercy
For a streak of Your patience
And for a reflection of Your Grace...
O Allah! Do not withhold from me these rainbows of Your attributes
So that I can also give more than I can take
Just as You do...

of and relating to...
Faisal Akhtar said

"For a shadow of Your unconditional Love
For a color of Your boundless Mercy
For a streak of Your patience
And for a reflection of Your Grace...
O Allah! Do not withhold from me these rainbows of Your attributes
So that I can also give more than I can take
Just as You do..."

Ameen, Sum Ameen

on May 13, 2004 4:11 PM
Justoju said

MashaAllah, that has been my favorite verse for the past 2 years. I had forgotten that the Quran was public property and that the verse was not mine to have sole possession of :).

MashaAllah, excellent work, you brought a big goofy happy smile to my face...

on May 13, 2004 5:37 PM
Saima said

Masha'Allah sr Nadia, very beautiful :)

on May 13, 2004 8:01 PM
Jannah said

Mash'Allah, that was hot. It reminded me of the Dawud Whansby song (yes, I listen to him) Colors of Islam. How's it go.. something about taking a paintbrush and coloring the world with Islam.. :)

Don't lie J. you always have that weird look on ur face :p.

on May 14, 2004 11:55 AM
Justoju said

"...Quran will be your brush and your paint will be iman. Fill the world with color every color of Islam!"

Immensely poetic mashaAllah.

on May 14, 2004 1:19 PM
Bint Abdul Khaliq said

As Salaamu Alaikum

Mashallah beautifully put.Was really thinkin bout this recently.I can especially appreciate what you saying coming from South Africa which has a history of apatheid.Although this year was the 10th aniversary of democracy here-you still see racism rearing it's ugly head from time to time.It takes time for people's mindsets to change.whether you are black white indian coloured chinese -It doesn't matter! What matters is that we are Muslim! And we are beautiful just the way Allah created us.Every one of us.I once heard in a talk that Abu Lahab was extremely fair but where is his final abode? Jahannam! And if you look at The Respected companion of Our Phophet (SAWS) Bilal (R.A),the FIRST MUEZZIN in Islam,he was black-an abysinnian slave he is one of the heroes of Islaam and destined for one of the Highest places in Jannah!Subhanallah! Allah does not look at your colour but your heart and your piety.The Prophet ( SAWS ) said in his last Khutbah

"O people...you are all equal.Nobody has superiority over another except by piety and good action.Remember ,one day you will appear before ALLAH and answer for your deeds.So beware not to stray from the path of righteousness after I am gone."

Ameen to your dua.

on May 14, 2004 1:24 PM
Justoju said

MashaAllah. You can also add Abu Bakr asSiddiq and Abdullah ibn azZubair to that list since they are recorded to have been dark skinned.

A close muslim friend recently came back from a trip to South Africa. She had gone there over the winter as an Eisenhower scholar and done some sociological research there. She came back and told me horror stories of how apartheid is very much alive and well, and how the muslim world doesnt seem to care about oppression or genocides in Africa. This is very sad and may Allah have mercy on us for being such incompetent vice-regents.

Bint Abdul-Khaliq, I am sure you must have some thoughts on how your part of the world can be helped. Aside from the obvious sending of money, what else do you think needs to be done in America and in the muslim world to help muslims in South Africa (as well as other countries in Africa)? I find that very few people in america (muslims included) really KNOW much about what is going on there. Forget about problems with AIDS and rape, many people dont even recognize that there is a serious post-apartheid racism problem there. It would be wonderful if you could write an article about it so as to educate some of us who are sadly ignorant of situations in Africa.


on May 14, 2004 1:47 PM
Bint Abdul Khaliq said

As salaamu Alaikum

Wow I never knew that about Haz.Abu Bakr (RA) and Abdullah bin Zubair (RA).Mashallah! If I am not mistaken Haz. Sulayman (A.S) was also dark skinned.Subhanallah ALLAH has created so many different colours for us to apppreciate.

Inshallah sister I will try and touch on racism and how has affected us here in south Africa as well as some of the other problems we face here in Africa.when time permits inshallah.Rather shamefully I would have to admit that I dont think I know enough of these problems as I should have. Sometimes we just shut ourselves up and live in our own shells and briefly you might hear something in the news or read it in the paper and get a wake up call.

I dunno, but from what i gather when i tell foreigners that Im from South Africa they start picturing lions roamin the street or little africans walking around with bows and arrows or sumtin. Lol.Well,South africa has advanced considerably and maybe could even compete with frist world countries in certain aspects.BUT

( big BUT ) you find a huge gap between the 'HAVES' and the 'HAVE NOTS' Even among us muslims here.Alhamdulillah there are those who have been blessed by Allah Ta'ala with wealth and then you have those who suffer to make ends meet. Alhamdulillah alot of the muslims here have the finance and contribute alot to muslim organisations and the like.Massive collection drives also take place by relief organisations to raise funds for Palestine,Iraq,Afghanistan,surronding African contries and other war-torn and disaster stricken countries.The muslims do open thier hearts and donate generously Alhamdulillah.But we need to focus more on home I think coz there are those who really need it here.About Racism it is still alive and kicking although not as bad as it was 10 years ago before democracy.Huge change since then Alhamduillah.

Theres lots more I would like to write but i think I'll take ur advice and save it for an article Inshallah.Would be a good idea to research the topic properly first and then report back.Inshallah.As I said i am sadly not that well-informed of the problems that we have tackled and need to tackled at the moment.Hope what i've written relates to the topic.May ALLAH guide us all.Ameen

Ur sister in Islam

on May 15, 2004 9:20 AM
passerby said

Just an observation -- Except for the first comment, every comment was by a female ...

Was this too feminine for the males to comment on?

Beautiful article Nadia. Beyond any doubt, Allah is the best artist.

Another felow female.

on May 17, 2004 5:34 PM
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