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July 13, 2004
A Conversation

by Faisal Akhtar

My lord, please give me what I want! Please my lord! I will be very thankful to you if you do, I will pray two rakah Nafil, I will give a thousand dollars in charity and I will never watch TV again.

(No Answer)

My lord, if you give it to me, I will fast two consecutive months, I will pray 40 nafil prayers and I will give up playing video games. My lord I do not wish to barter with you. These acts I will do simply to show my thankfulness to you.

(No answer)

My lord, you are the almighty. If you give this to me, your kingdom will not reduce in the least and a small slave like me will be happy. My lord, show me your love and give this to me. My lord you are the propitious and you are the distresser. This is causing me distress my lord, remove it from me and grant me prosperity. Give this to me my lord and I will be eternally grateful. My lord, if you love me more than 70 mothers, show me some of that love now and grant me this wish.

(No answer)

Maybe what I am asking for is bad for me. If so, then my lord, you are the almighty. If what I am asking for is bad for me, make it good for me and then give it to me my lord.

(No Answer)

If you can turn that which is bad for me into that which is good, if it requires no effort on your part, if it causes no reduction in your kingdom, if you love me more than 70 mothers, if you are the almighty, if you are the propitious, if you are the beneficent and the merciful then why are you not granting me this wish? I am not asking for something haram my lord. I am simply asking for another form of your rahma and I have been patient in making my dua, then why aren’t you giving this to me? Why? Why? Why?

So you want Jannah?

No! no! It’s just this one small thing

But you want it right now?

Well, there can be a delay but I just need some sign that my dua has been accepted.

What you are yearning for is not just this small thing; it is Jannah where all your wishes will come true instantly. Where there will be no distress and only prosperity. If you want Jannah, you must work for it and pass the tests of this life. Allah can grant you what you wish. Even if it is bad for you, he can turn it into something good. It will not reduce his kingdom in the least and it does not require any effort on his part. He does love you more than 70 mothers and he is the almighty, the most merciful, the beneficent, the distresser, and the propitious. The reason he is not granting you this dua is because what you wish for is against that which he has written 50 thousand years before he began creation. The purpose of dua is not to change Al-Qadr, it is simply to seek closeness to your lord. If your dua is accepted in this lifetime, then that was what was written. You should be thankful for that, be content with it and praise Allah for it. If your dua is not accepted in this lifetime, then that is what was written and you should be patient with the decree of Allah, you should be content with it and praise Allah for it. Both acceptance of a dua and lack thereof are equal tests. One tests your gratitude and the other your patience. What is written cannot be changed. The pen has stopped writing and the ink has dried on the pages. Be patient and make dua, your lord accepts each and every dua, just not in this lifetime.

(Dumbfounded) Who are you?

(No Answer)

Who are you? Wait!...

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Justoju said

SubhanAllah, this is excellent.

Its funny when duas are in an "if You do this, then I will do that" format.
As if we have the power to give or take anything.
As if a slave is in a position to do any business with the Master.
The correct format seems to be more like "whether You do this or not, its Your call and for the best. It is in Your nature and power to decree, not mine. I will do this for you regardless of how you respond because it is my job to obey and be thankful."

Also, we need to keep in mind that the biggest rahmah from Allah is the slave's spreading out his hands to Him. There are many who do not ask Allah and do not turn to Him. We are truly blessed with the greatest rahmah if we are chosen to be those who supplicate before the True.

All this reminded me of a poem that I was quite taken by a while ago. This is an excerpt:

"This man was empty,
and the tears came. His habitual stubbornness
dissolved. This is the way with many seekers.

The moan in prayer, and the perfumed smoke of that
floats into heaven, and the angels say, “Answer
this prayer. This worshipper has only you
and nothing else to depend on. Why do you go first
to the prayers of those less devoted?”

God says,
“By deferring my generosity I am helping him.
His need dragged him by the hair into my presence.
If I satisfy that, he’ll go back to being absorbed
in some idle amusement. Listen how passionate he is!
That torn-open cry is the way he should live.”

Nightingales are put in cages
because their songs give pleasure.
Whoever heard of keeping a crow?

When two people, one decrepit and the other young
and handsome, come into a bakery where the baker
is an admirer of young men, and both of them
ask for bread, the baker will immediately
give what he has on hand to the old man.

But to the other he will say, “Sit down and wait awhile.
There’s fresh bread baking in the house. Almost ready!”

And when the hot bread is brought, the baker will say,
“Don’t leave. The halvah is coming!”

So he finds ways of detaining the young man with,
“Ah, there’s something important I want to tell you about.
Stay. I’ll be back in a moment. Something very important!”

This is how it is when true devotees
suffer disappointment
in the good they want to do,
or the bad they want to avoid. "

An excerpt from "In Baghdad, Dreaming Of Cairo:
In Cairo, Dreaming of Baghdad"
From "The Essential Rumi"
Translated by Coleman Barks with John Moyne.

on July 13, 2004 8:14 AM
AlexLahoz said

Some further insight on having our duas answered:
For those who realize that everything is from God, everything is the same.
- Jalaluddin al-Rumi

I will not serve God like a labourer, in expectation of my wages.
- Rabia al-Adawiya

on July 15, 2004 4:09 PM
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