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October 17, 2004
Will we value it?

by Bint Abdul Khaliq


Ya ALLAH I turn to you for help, guidance and true knowledge. Ameen.

It is Ramadan. The month of Mercy. The month when our spiritual batteries are being charged and when we take the time out of our busy schedules to spring clean the dirty cupboards of our heart. When we stop making our Deen work around our dunya and make our Dunya revolve around our Deen. When we are made to realize with so much more intensity, the reason WHY we were CREATED and turn our focus solely to our CREATOR, ALLAH AZZA WA JAL.

The Jihaad within is greater. In Ramadan, we are being trained in combating and disciplining this nafs of ours. I once heard a scholar point out that when Iblees the cursed refused the command of ALLAH TA’ALA there was no shaitaan there to whisper to him and make him do it! He defied the command of ALLAH TA’ALA because of his nafs. Will we let our nafs control us too?

Ramadan was approaching nearer and nearer and we were getting ready. Shaban came and went.The 15th night of Shabaan graced us with its presence and departed.Already the first two fasts are gone and soon this month too will be over and we do not know if we shall be here for the next one.Let us appreciate and value this month as it ought to be.There is no time to waste.Whatever we are doing must be done to please ALLAH TA’ALA alone.Time is Thawaab.On the day of Qiyaamah, when that shall be the only currency recognized,that is when we shall realize its true value.We shall be questioned about our time. 1 SubhANALLAH will get us a tree in Jannah. 1 sincere declaration of the Kalima can mean the difference between Jannah or Jahannam.1 recitation of Yaseen will get us the reward of reading the Qur’aan 10 times! Our ALLAH is GIVING us so much of Sawaab with such little effort.Will we take advantage of it?

Let us revive the Sunnah of our Beloved Nabi (SAWS) in this month and for the rest of our lives InshALLAH. If you dont have a miswaak-get one! Your reward of Salaah is multiplied 70 times!If you are leaving the home leave with the left foot and enter with the right.Read all relevant duas.Sleep on your right hand side at night.Drink in 3 sips...these are just a few of the innumerable acts that we should try to implement in our lives.So simple yet so much reward which shall be multiplied even more during this aupicious month! Will we value it?

We are in the 1st ten days of Ramadhaan,when ALLAH’s mercies are descending.Please remember me in your duas and may ALLAH not make us like those unfortunate souls who miss out on the benefits of this great month.May HE purify or hearts, grant us the sweetness of Imaan,grant us forgiveness and the best of both worlds.Ameen.

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Justoju said

InshaAllah and Amin.

on October 17, 2004 9:19 PM
passerby said

This was sooo beneficial, really. I have been wondering about the 'little' things we can do during ramadan, such as reciting SubhanAllah, Alhumduliilah, etc. The reminders were very timely. Thank you for them. May you get rewarded everytime someone takes your advice and tries teh sunnah of these little acts.

Someone once mass mailed (I think from ISRU) a link that contained a collection of hadith about such recitations during the day. If anyone could post that up here, that would be beyond great.

Thanks and regards.

on October 18, 2004 3:29 PM
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