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October 22, 2004
Month of Mercy

by Imran Khan

Oh Spiritual Wayfarer, the portal of mercy has arrived
A month where food for the soul is derived

We seek out that sliver in the sky with no doubt
For its time for purifying both in and out

From nothingness to a crescent marks celestial bodies calling out in prayer
Oh people of the dunya this blessed month is upon us to remove despair

We line in ranks to observe the hilal
An amazing task Allah bestowed upon Bilal

The secret month of blessing has entered the skies
A time to correct ourselves to shed malady and disguise

For the beloved was a wind that bore gifts as was described
In this Mubarak month let us imitate him and do what is prescribed.

Ramadhan is where abstinence is invisible, unlike many other acts
That why he promises Ďthe rewardí so no time to relax

So oh Mumineen beware before it passes away in a blink of an eye
That is the test of Ramadan to gain benefit of time before it goes by.

In this month of remembrance, where his words first emanated to his beloved descending
Stand in Prayer, sit in dhikr and cry at night and wish it were never ending

No sincerity, effort or alike, you will see this month pass without sight
For these 30 days should become so beloved, increase your deeds and do recite

For the month of the Quran is a believerís shield
When demons are chained and the muímin is healed.

The blessing of 1000 months on the night of power
Should be treated like manís lasting final hour

Extend your worship to the angelic realm
Control your naffs and take it from the helm

Fast the day and control your desire
But pray the night to be saved from the fire

A month of miracle the Quíran was revealed
In excess of 70 fold in this month a Muslimís yield

So Abdul Mumin prepare well for this time
A time so blessed with barakah so truly sublime

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Justoju said


Ramadan seems to be inspiring quite a few people to poetry :)

on October 23, 2004 4:16 PM
Imran said

Well sure is :)

I ask all you guys to remember me in your duaas and keep up the good work.


on October 24, 2004 1:39 AM
Nadia said

Mashallah, this is a beautiful poem. May Allah (swt) bless all of us in Ramadan, Ameen.

on October 24, 2004 11:10 AM
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