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December 30, 2004
The Masterpiece

by Nadia Khan

He had finally created His Master-piece! But before He brought His creation to life, He wanted to design a universe which was worthy of His creation, which will fathom His masterpiece in its depths but which will eventually shrink before the quivering breadth of His masterpiece. So after designing an abode covered with the lid of a smooth-blue sky, He adorned the sky with gold which heaved the breath of life and death every day, glowing and paling in its glory. He did not forget to add a bowl of silver either which unleashed its intoxication in the darkness of night when the gold will be sleeping. He had crafted the mixture of these streaks of gold and silver in such a way that they will always be playing hide-and-seek with each other, just to keep His masterpiece amused and amazed. His innovation did not end on the display of the skies; however, it fetched itself on the ground which He had deftly crafted for His creation to walk on. The five seasonings which He added to the broth of earth added flavor and color to it, saving His creation from ennui. The yellow turning green, the green turning white and the white turning red...will always keep His creation pondering and mystified, He must have thought.

He made sure that He made nothing plain in the abode which He designed for His creation; after all, His creation was not plain in any way either. He had painstakingly kneaded so many hues and dyes in his dough; humanity and humility, gentleness and piety, conscience and fear, the power of thought and action, and above all beauty. His master-piece was indeed the best of His creations!

To be continued...

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asif said

Salaam Nadia San:

You have embarked on a huge and deep theme, perhaps the most significant one. Masha'Allah.

Keep it coming, Insha'Allah.

By the way, where are the rest of the noisemakers/writers...All having sking lessons? :)

on December 30, 2004 3:13 PM
Justoju said


Nadia, that was beautifully poetic. If your intention was to help us realize the immense beauty that Allah, Glorious and Exalted, has spread out around us for our benefit and for us to appreciate Him for it, then you succeeded with this reader :) (though my realization is immensely inadequate and overstated, astaghfirullah).

SubhanAllah wAlhamdulillah waMashaAllah...wa la hawla wa la qoowata illah billah hil aleeyul adheem.

on December 30, 2004 7:08 PM
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