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March 30, 2005
Of Perception and Vision

by Saleem Safdar

Woe unto you, Fakir, who perceives –
Truth in light and shadow that deceives
One into belief in the transient
Whose existence is as that of the midday shade
That lengthens before it dies out before Al-Maghrib…

Woe unto these eyes, that in hope turn towards the skies
And mistake the golden sun for a golden coin
Woe unto this heart – that so easily gave its crown
To those almond eyes – only to later drown

Oh Saqi – hide not the liquor of souls
From this beggar’s empty bowl
The wine of this world could never satiate
The broken-hearted seekers of His face

I scour the lanes and wander the alleys
The soul’s mountains and its deep valleys
Crying out the name of my beloved
Praying for a glimpse of my Master Muhammad

Ya Muhammad - you who are the “mercy to the worlds”
Ya Muhammad – you who are the example and conveyer of Allah’s Word
Ya Muhammad - you are he whose words inspire the hopeless to hope
Ya Muhammad – allow me to shelter myself in the folds of your cloak

My maula's remembrance is an elixer for my soul
Burdened by the tests of toil and turmoil
Shaitan’s every plot by Allah’s zhikr foiled
My dua is to be buried in Madinah’s sacred soil

Ya Rasulullah – admittedly I am a miserable wretch
With no dignity, material status, or respect
But I beg of you – please do not forget
Me on the Day of Ultimate Regret

It is you who said – “you will be with those whom you love”
And there is none whom I place above
Your status – as you are higher than any king
It is only natural that your praises I sing

You who taught us to say the utterance of faith
Guided us from the astray to the path that is straight
It is behind you that we were brought to face
Makkah – the house of Allah, Earth’s most sacred place

It is you who brought us knowledge when we were ignorant
Taught us to respect our daughters, women, and the indigent
It is you who brought us victory when we were losers
And brought us unity when we were scattered like the desert sand

It is you who was chosen by Allah to reveal
The secrets of unseen reality
Of all prophets you are The Seal
Who completed Allah's message of divinity

You are my peace when the nights are cold
My bearing when I have lost direction
My friend when I am among enemies
My wealth when I am without even a dirham

Ya Allah – replace my perception of this world
That waxes like the moon’s reflection of the sun
With a vision unique – free of ephemeral fear
Anchored by the remembrance of Al-Basheer

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MilkSheikh said


on March 30, 2005 6:20 AM
asif said

Salaam Safdar Sahib:

Indeed this is a credible effort.

There are, however, several points that I want to impress upon you on this poem. I hope you take them as meaningful insights from a reader.

1- Your transition between praising/asking Allah and RasulAllah (sal-lal-la-hu-wa-sal-lam) happens more than once and it does not lend a clear rhythmic flow for the reader (well atleast for me).

2- A lot of Duas that you are asking RasulAllah (sal-lal-la-hu-wa-sal-lam) would raise eye brows as Duas should only be asked directly to ALLAH. As a General rule: RasulAllah (sal-lal-la-hu-wa-sal-lam) should not be addressed directly as if he is listening and will respond or grant your Duaas. Dua is the essence of prayers/worship, and is the most common way of doing Shirk by asking anyone but ALLAH!

3- You mentioned Al-Maghrib, I am not sure if it was by coincidence or you meant Al-Maghrib institute. Regardless, I would recommend HIGHLY that you attend the class "The Light of Guidance - Fundamentals of Faith 101" by Sheikh Yasir Qadhi. Things will fall in perspective for you, and your "Perception and Vision" will be much clearer for yourself and your readers, Insha'Allah.



on March 30, 2005 9:36 AM
saleem said

Jazakallah khairun for your insights.

If I may, I'd like to respond.

1) Every reader has their own likes/dislikes. In no way do I proclaim to be an excellent writer, so if you don't think the work is good or it doesn't "do it for you" that is quite normal. I'm sure there are many who share your sentiments.

2) I think you mistook a poem for an actual dua. Nowhere in he poem am I making a dua to the Prophe (SAW). Alhamdolillah, Allah has blessed me to not be among those people who pray to graves and attribute life to someone who is dead. Since you seem interested, I'll try to explain a reference I made to "the day of regret". When I referred to that in requesting the Prophet not to forget me on that day I was referring to the Prophet's intercession on the Day of Judgment (which all Muslims must believe in).

I don't want to get into the argument over whether it is appropriate/innapropriate to address the Prophet in the first person. Suffice it to say that there are ahadith that confirm that whenever one says "asalamu alaykum" to the Prophet he hears that person and responds... even in our salaat we directly say "asalaamu alaykum" to the Prophet (SAW) so it obviously cannot be haram to directly address the prophet.

Finally - if you are still not satisfied - I'd ask you to forgive it as it is merely a lousy poem.

As to point 3 - Inshallah I'll see. I've heard great things about Al-Maghrib. :)

on March 30, 2005 12:33 PM
asif said

Salaam Saleem Bhai:

Jazakum Allah Khairan for your clarification.

The lapse, it would seem, is on my part in not relating to the core theme of your poem.

And yes, that particular class from Al-Maghrib far exceeded my expectation...and everyone seemed to have the same opinion of the class...Alhamdulillah!

on March 30, 2005 12:50 PM
saleem said

i was thinking - myself excluded, there are many good poets, fiction writers on this website..... and if some of y'all collaborated you could make a very good poetry/fiction/essay anthology ... there def is a unique perspective that can be presented by the writers here... wallahu alim.. just an idea.

on March 31, 2005 7:15 PM
gillette said

saleem, it's so funny you say that, mashaa allah. keep it locked on HidayaOnline.com.

on March 31, 2005 10:24 PM
asif said

Assalaamu Alaikum My Dear Brothers & Sisters (in Islaam):

********** J U M M A H + M U B A R I K **********

May each of your coming days be Blessed and May Allah have Mercy on all of us...Ameen

on April 1, 2005 9:00 AM
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