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January 15, 2006
Pretty Woman...

by Bint Abdul Khaliq

Oh my! She’s so beautiful...
I’m trying not to stare
She has this look about her
This certain mystifying air...

Her charming smile
Captures me
Something about her
Is just so lovely

It’s not her clothes
Nor the way she walks
Hmm... it isn’t her jewellery
Or the way she talks

I don’t see a trace of make-up
Quite simple really... What in the world then
Makes her so pretty?

She stands out from the rest
With their painted faces
Not trapped by ‘fashion’
She aint running their races

No... her beauty seems to emanate
Deep from within
So subtle and pure
So free from sin

Her delicate glances
She restrains
Her precious voice
She retains

Covered from head to toe
Like a pearl protected
She knows her worth...
She is to be respected
You'll know When she's around...
She lights up the place
She adorns her surroundings
With her refined grace

What was her name again?
So simple yet so lovely
Ah yes... how can I forget
This pretty woman named ...‘Modesty’

of and relating to...
Bint Saeed said

Allahu Akbar! Well said very well said!!

It is soooo difficult for a sister to be *modest* when oftentimes her modesty is mistaken for being extreme, conservative, backwards etc. All this occurs from being unaware to the dire need for haya and the understanding of the proper adab that must be displayed by both genders.

I find it truly truly truly beautiful that a Muslimah can interract with a Muslim knowing that both are aware of the proper adab that must be followed in terms of any sort of interraction. This type of respect leads to an innate joy that it is solely Allah SWT's pleasure that we hope to seek.

But once again, sister this was excellent. MashaAllah!

on January 15, 2006 1:26 AM
Faisal Akhtar said

Modesty is one virtue that is on the decline. Subhanallah, well said sister.

on January 15, 2006 9:23 AM
Bint Abdul Khaliq said

As sAlaamu Alaikum

I agree with you guys totally..unfortunatley in todays times the virtue of this quality is fast declining in people's eyes.But in Allah's eyes it remains something that holda a very high status.

It is weaved through the fabric of Taqwa,adorned with the wonderful Sunnah and brings joy to all those who sincerely aim to inculcate it in their lives.

Subhanallah-it is truly beautiful.

May we be among those that possess this precious quality and strive for Allah's pleasure alone.Ameen.

Was Salaam

on January 15, 2006 1:21 PM
asef said


Good job with this poem!

Modesty...and Shyness...whats the difference? can anyone elaborate?


on January 16, 2006 3:34 PM
Bint Abdul Khaliq said


1-The state or quality of being modest.
2-Reserve or propriety in speech, dress, or behavior.
3-Lack of pretentiousness; simplicity.


adj. shi·er, (shr) or shy·er shi·est (shst) or shy·est

1-Easily startled; timid.

2-(a)Drawing back from contact or familiarity with others; retiring or reserved.
(b)Marked by reserve or diffidence: a shy glance.
3-Distrustful; wary: shy of strangers.
4--Not having paid an amount due
5-Short; lacking: Eleven is one shy of a dozen.

on January 16, 2006 4:28 PM
bint Abdul Khaliq said

As Salaamu Alaikum

A person can be shy,but not necesarily modest.
On the other hand you might get someone who is out-going but still practises modesty.This person knows when and who to reveal his/her personality and beauty to,in accordance with the wishes of Allah Ta'ala and Our Beloved Prophet (SAWS)

Was salaam

on January 16, 2006 5:40 PM
asef said


hmmm...OK, this is interesting!

one can be shy without being modest and vice versa.

Never thought of it like that...

I always took being modest and being shy as something that go hand in hand (or mutually exclusive).

I hope more people can comment on this, insha'Allah.


on January 16, 2006 6:14 PM
Amatullah said

as salaamu alaikum

my 2 cents:

I think modesty is a behaviour that stems from a thought-process conductive to taqwa...

eg. a girl can be shy but WANT to admire the opposite gender but her shyness resricts her...or she does admire the opposite gender but discreetly...a modest woman however will protect her gaze 'coz she knows it isn't right and that Allah is watching her...I know of a woman who is VERY modest masha Allah (inner and outer) but she's not shy...she can speak at a gathering of a 1000 people and convey the deen of Islam 'coz in my opinion, she has Taqwa...When you do something 4 the Pleasure of Allah it becomes easy...You restrict yourself 'coz Allah said so...not so with shyness...it's a person's innate quality that restricts him/her

hope that makes sense

on January 16, 2006 6:40 PM
Amatullah said

so i think that shyness and modesty can go hand in hand but not necessarily always, a thought just came to me now...a truly modest person knows when to be shy and when not to - eg. in the above eg. talking about deen you don't be shy whereas in other areas it's ok and better to be shy...

oh boy i really hope i made some sense!

on January 16, 2006 6:52 PM
asef said


Hmmm...even more fuel to my thoughts...

Jazakum Allah Khairan for the explanation...

so if I were to capture this (for my own sake), a person can fall in either of these categories (or temporary states):

1- Shy & Modest
2- Not Shy & Modest
3- Not Shy & Not Modest
4- Shy & Not Modest

Based on the definition and explanation provided above, a muslim should try to avoid being in state 3&4.
Yet, a muslim can toggle between states 1&2, based on circumstances.

Ok fair enough...Alhamdulillah


on January 16, 2006 7:31 PM
Bint Saeed said

SubhanAllah, brings back memories of Intro to Logic:)

How can one be shy without possessing haya?? or is that a stupid question to ask?

on January 16, 2006 11:00 PM
Mohammed Irfan Shariff said

or the past 2 weeks, been watchin the ghetto producin babies, do they know their daddies i dunno maybe, momz do all the work, while pops just be lazy...but hold on bro, since i've been here, thats not all it seems, cuz the ladies dont even learn, they on their second baby at sixteen...doin it unprotected, and then becoming pregnant but they dont even suspect it, gainin mad weight and gettin sick, guess its time to abort it, betta do it b4 its too late....1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8..add two more thats what my rhymes rate, this just be my case, that i state, who's decidin that baby's fate? Acidentally makin a life is a big mistake.

on January 16, 2006 11:44 PM
Amatullah said

Bint Saeed : "How can one be shy without possessing haya?? or is that a stupid question to ask?"

No not a stupid question...wow ModestyLogic101 ths is getting intense!
In my opinion a shy person doesn't necessarily WANT to be shy, but modesty is a choice we all make...We can't say a Modest person doesn't want to be modest - coz then he/she isn't truly modest

Just my thoughts...now can I go play on the merry-go-round?

Mohammed Irfan Shariff
"...guess its time to abort it..." *sniff*

on January 17, 2006 5:17 AM
Bint Saeed said

JazakAllahu Khayr

on January 17, 2006 7:03 AM
Bint Saeed said

LOL not that debate..I remember either discussing or reading about this dilemma:)

Nigeria? SUbhanAllah.

on January 17, 2006 11:01 PM
asef said


I see that my last comment got trashed...well, yeah it was kind of cheesy anyways...no biggy.

So, why not post another spicy question:
Who else is planning to get married this year, insha'Allah...I know Br. Faisal is all set, what about Br. Talal...I think Hassan still needs some growing up...so this is probably not a good year for him...And Br. Rami whats up with you Akhi...

I think my advice to all Hidayans is this...(including to the sisters):

Get married soon: To start building and raising your islamic family...this is like laying the foundation for an Islamic America, maybe not in our children's but maybe in our grand children's age and time...but we have to get on with the program now...

as far as I am concerned...I am a retired bachelor, so I am hoping my parents can bail me out this year :D


on January 18, 2006 12:34 AM
Donald Duck said


How's everybody doing? May Allah Talah's Blessings and Guidance be upon you. Alot of things that I have learned about the Deen is because Allah Talah made two good human beings my close pals. So courtesy to brothers Hasan and Hussain (Asher) here is somethin about modesty:

Sinning causes the disapperance of modesty.The disappearance of modesty which is the essence of the life of the heart and is the basis of every good. Its disappearance is the disappearance of all that is good. It is authentic from the Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) that he said: Modesty is goodness, all of it [Bukhaaree and Muslim] A Poet said:

And by Allaah, there is no good in life Or in the world when modesty goes.

So lets get modest, InshAllah, for " Allah Talah gave this dunya for the Akhira"(Uthman ibn Affan (RW) ).

on January 18, 2006 12:36 PM
A sister's comment regarding niqaab said

you know what startles or amazes me is that Western women(American and British) born, raised, assimilated gals, they really really might be religious, like pray more than faraaidh or wear niqaab but their inner hayaa' or modesty is very very lacking.
I am writing in reminder to all those sisters that visit this website and others that please sisters, Islaam is all encompassing, if you choose to wear the niqaab, then uphold its ideals, rather than complaining about why Imperial college banned the niqaab.
I am shocked, dismayed, upset, at the un-islaamic behavior and attitude of many women that wear niqaab. Their lack of shyness or hayaa'h or modesty in their speech and mannerism, in my opinion gives a bad impression to wear niqaab.
Yes, it is a struggle to wear niqaab but not because you are putting a peace of cloth over your face, rather because you are really clothing your humorism, your bubbly live personality that comes off as being seductive, attractive, flirtatious.
You might not even notice it but I do being conscientiously brought up in an Eatern type religious home. wallaah alim.
Please dont let me down gals. Also, remember there is hayaa and shyness in front of other women as well too. There were instances in my college days where muslim women even jokingly said inappropriate things to other muslim women(yes they were having a laugh or joke) however I despised it. Although, you might not consider yourself as qoami lut people but even imitating such people's speech and mannerism is appalling. I know many places on hidayaonline, other sisters have mentioned more beautifully about not selling your personality and keeping it for yourself or your husband but this is not just about selling your personality.
it is about having ettiquetes and morals in conversation. Have some adab. And upholding waht you wear on the outside with the inside.
There are more extreme people that would say, to take off your hijaab or your niqaab if you are not upholding such. However, I would deem that as teh devil's deception, only because this is somethign you are doing, now do more,
not give up and let go of something that you had.

Remember, wearing hijaab or niqaab is a fadhl(blessing, grace, honor) from Allaah Aza wa Jal, and Allaah givs honor to whomsoever he wills.
Niqaab according to Shaykh Al-Bani and other scholars from among the ummah is not fardh but a recommended sunnah, so uphold that with the best possible manner. Dont let me down, sisters

on January 20, 2006 8:50 PM
gillette said

From the manners of companionship:


That he has haya' at all times, as he – ’alayhis-salaam – said, "Eman has sixty or seventy odd branches, the most excellent of them is witnessing that none has the right to be worshipped besides Allaah, and the lowest branch is removing something harmful from the road, and hayaa' is from eman." [Bukhari & Muslim] He – ’alayhis-salaam – also said, "Hayaa' is from eman, and eman is from Paradise. Speaking obscenely is from coarseness and coarseness is from the Fire." [Ahmed]


To accompany the one who he has a feeling of respect for, so that this prevents from acting contrary to the Shariah. 'Ali (radiyallaahu 'anhu) said, "Enliven your feeling of hayaa', by sitting before those whom you feel hayaa'." Ahmad Ibn Hanbal (d.241H) – rahimahullaah – said, "I have not been led into calamity except by accompanying those before whom I do not feel shame."

Taken from:
"The Manners of Companionship"
Shaykh Badruddin al-Ghazzi (d.984H)


on January 21, 2006 4:26 PM
Ali Farooki said


Before any of you start laying the foundations for an "Islamic America" perhaps you should be aware that it is not permissible to live in the lands of kufr and shirk without a dire need. Seeking your rizq there because you fear poverty in another land is not one of them.

I have a VCD of Shaykh al-Uthaymeen's last lecture that he did in america and in it, he advises "his children" to leave the lands of kufr and shirk as staying there without "Daroorah" is not permissible. He answers many questions about this and the exceptions to this. In the end, he said that everyone is most insightful in to his own nafs. If you know you are there primarily for Da'wah or one of the permissible reasons, then fine. But if you know in your heart that you are there for seeking wealth and being happy with the insignificant piece of the dunya that you own, then it is most definetely not permissible.

Imaam As-Sana’aanee said in Subul-us-Salaam after mentioning the hadeeth: "I am free from every Muslim that establishes his residence amongst the disbelievers": "The hadeeth is evidence for the obligation of making Hijrah (migration) from all of the lands of the disbelievers, and not just from Makkah. This is the opinion of the majority of the scholars."

" Verily, as for those whom the angels take (in death) while they are wronging themselves, they say, ' In what condition were you?' They reply, ' We were weak and oppressed on earth.' They say, ' Was not the earth of Allah spacious enough for you to emigrate therein? ' Those will find their abode in Hell, and what an evil destination. Except the weak ones among men, women and children who cannot devise a plan, nor are they able to direct their way. For these there is hope that Allah will forgive them, and Allah is Ever Oft-Pardoning, Oft-Forgiving. "(An-Nisaa:97-99)

Ibn Katheer,رحمه الله تعالى, said in the explanation of this verse, "This noble verse is general for everyone who resides amongst the polytheists while he is able to make hijrah and he is not able to perform his deen, and in so, he is wronging himself and committing something forbidden by 'Ijmaa' (universal agreement of the Scholars) and by the explicit evidence of this verse." Therefore, whoever does not leave the lands of disbelief while he is able to leave, and while he is not able to perform the deen, nor openly perform the deen and announce this deen and show pride in it, then he, and Allah's refuge is sought, if he dies, he dies as a sinner committing a major sin.

Here are two references:

1) http://www.ahl-ul-hadith.dk/ebooks/obligation_of_hijrah.pdf

Shaikh Muhammad Nâsiruddîn al-Albânî


Shaikh 'Abdur-Rahmân al-'Adanî

on January 22, 2006 12:54 PM
asef said


Br. Ali Farooki: Thank you for the post.

So, are you in a western country yourself? Or are you in some muslim country?

I was about to say that if you are in a western country then please be a living example for all of us, and go ahead with the Hijrah...and send us postcards when you do arrive in the country of your choice...Insha'Allah!

on January 23, 2006 1:28 AM
gillette said

He's in Qatar.

on January 23, 2006 11:18 AM
Ali Farooki said


I want to apologize to the brother if he thought I was singling him out and I ask him to forgive me. I would also advise everyone to not get defensive when somebody advises them. If you know you are right and have proof, then still be patient in listening to your advisor and thank Allah that he sent someone to atleast remind you of your duties to Him. If you are wrong, then pray to Allah that he increases you and your adivor in guidance and knowledge.

A Bosnian brother here was complaining that everytime he goes to the masjid, people come up to him and talk to him as if he is some new white convert. He said that they always tell him: "do you know God is one (in broken Qatari english)?" That really enfuriated him that they would think so "lowly of him" and consider him to be "so dumb". I advised the brother that he should thank Allah that He sent someone to him to remind him of Allah and that the prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) said, "The best thing I have said and the prophets before me is : I bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah alone, without any partners. To him belongs the dominion and all praise and He is Powerful over all things."

The Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu 'alayhe wa sallam) said:
"Verily the most beloved speech to Allah is the servant's saying, 'Subhaanak Allaahumma wa bihamdika wa tabaarakasmuka wa ta'aalaa jad-duka wa laa ilaaha ghayruk.' (Glorified are you, O Allah, and to you is the praise, Blessed is Your Name and Lofty is your Majesty, there is none worthy of worship other than you.)

The most hated speech to Allah is when a man says to another man, 'Fear Allah!' and he replies, 'Worry about your own self!' "
[It was reported by Al-Asbahaanee in At-Targheeb (#739), and Sheikh Albani authenticated it in Silsilatul-Ahaadeethis-Saheehah (#2598)]

Sufyaan Ath-Thawree (Rahimahullah) said, "We met a people who loved it when it was said to them- Fear Allah the Most High. Today you find that people only become annoyed at this."

A person asked Fudhayl bin Iyaad (Rahimahullah), "Which country would you like me to live in? Fudhayl replied, "There is no connection between you and any nation. The best country for you is the country which helps you to acquire taqwa."

And May Allah accept our righteous actions.

on January 23, 2006 12:33 PM
Donald Duck said

Salamualaikum Ali Bhai,

I am a friend and a close brother of Br. Asher. I was wondering if it is permissible to live in a western country for education purposes, and then migrating back to a Muslim country after the end of one's education?

Jazak Allah Khair for your posting and please keep us all in your duas.

on January 23, 2006 2:34 PM
asef said

Salaam Br. Hassan:

"He's in Qatar."

Oh thats explains a lot!

jazakum Allah Khairan.


on January 23, 2006 2:34 PM
Ali Farooki said

True I might have some hindsight bias into the issue because I'm talking after the fact, but keep in mind:

Abű Turâb an-Nakhshabî (rahimahullâh) would say, “If a person resolved to leave sinning, Allâh would send him reinforcements from all sides. What indicates the blackness of the heart are three: Not to find an escape from sinning, nor a place for obedience to occur, nor a haven for the sermon that warns.”

You know the saying, "when there's a will there's a way bi idhnillah"

To Brother Don,

Ahlan Wa sahlan,

Any friend or close brother of our noble brother is a noble brother to us.

Wallahi akhi, I can't answer your question, but you can probably find the answer in one of the references (http://www.ahl-ul-hadith.dk/ebooks/hijrah_emigration.pdf) or with the people of knowledge.

on January 23, 2006 3:42 PM
gillette said

Brother "Don",

If you can hunt down a copy of "Explanation of the Three Fundamental Principles of Islaam" by Muhammad ibn Saalih al-'Uthaymeen (the cover looks like this: http://us.st11.yimg.com/store1.yimg.com/I/islamicbookstore-com_1877_11698751 ), there's a very beneficial footnote about migration to a mushrik country. To the best of my memory, migrating to study something that is unique to the non-Muslims (which is almost everything, as far as I know) is a legitimate reason to migrate to a non-Muslim country. This is subject to the mandatory conditions that you can stay committed to your religion without persecution, and with some certainty that you can hold onto your religion.

on January 23, 2006 4:06 PM
asef said


Br. Ali Farooki, may you be blessed...

I have no idea what are you implying here...

"True I might have some hindsight bias into the issue because I'm talking after the fact, but keep in mind:

Abű Turâb an-Nakhshabî (rahimahullâh) would say, “If a person resolved to leave sinning, Allâh would send him reinforcements from all sides. What indicates the blackness of the heart are three: Not to find an escape from sinning, nor a place for obedience to occur, nor a haven for the sermon that warns.”

You know the saying, "when there's a will there's a way bi idhnillah"

Maybe I am wrong, but seems to me that you are suggesting something like living in USA/West is like living in constant sin...hahahaha...some hindsight!

But thanks for your comments, anyways.

And May Allah Guide us all, as HIS guidance reaches to anyone, anywhere, however HE so Wills it....Ameen.


on January 23, 2006 5:29 PM
Donald Duck said

Salamaualaikum Br. Ali and Gillete,

Jazak Allah Khair for your beneficial postings. May Allah Talah Bless you and Gives you the best of rewards.

Br. Asher is truly noble MashAllah, and I am way below him, Alhamdulillah. May Allah Talah Guide all of us to Belief and good deeds.

JazakAllah Khair

on January 23, 2006 5:42 PM
Faisal Akhtar said


I am lovin on Ahle Hadith!

Meraj Rabbani and Sanaullah Madani are the men.

I love the Ashabul Hadith. I love them for keeping the narrations alive and I love them for the sake of Allah. I pray that I may I rise among them on the day of judgment and I love you Ali for the sake of Allah. Keep me in your prayers. I will see you in Saudi as soon as I am able to move there.


on January 23, 2006 7:10 PM
gillette said

"Maybe I am wrong, but seems to me that you are suggesting something like living in USA/West is like living in constant sin..."

I only use "you" in this post because it feels really awkward to keep saying "one." I just don't know how to work it in.

Living in a non-Muslim country is living in constant sin, unless certain conditions are present. A few of them are: you want to do da'wah, you fear being persecuted - for your religion, or other reasons - in any other Muslim country, legal restrictions prevent you from moving to a Muslim country.

I don't know of any scholars who allow staying here (for any reason) if the un-Islamic environment is affecting you.

Please read the links posted.

on January 23, 2006 11:10 PM
Justoju said

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on January 24, 2006 12:06 PM
asef said


"Living in a non-Muslim country is living in constant sin, unless certain conditions are present. A few of them are: you want to do da'wah, you fear being persecuted - for your religion, or other reasons - in any other Muslim country, legal restrictions prevent you from moving to a Muslim country.

I don't know of any scholars who allow staying here (for any reason) if the un-Islamic environment is affecting you."

Thank you for your comments...

I think what the scholars are alluding to is the fact that your intentions govern your actions...and so the question every muslim has to ask who is living in USA-or any other western country-are the following:

1- What is the main reason for you to be in this country, now? (Regardless of what caused you to come here, in the first place. This could be due to birth, or by visa process.)

2- Are you planning to stay for a short period to accomplish specific goals & objectives (<1-5 years) or is it for life?

3- If you would go back to a muslim country (whenever that happens), what would you be doing differently compared to what you were doing here in USA?

4- And, by staying in a non-muslim country would you be willing to face the higher level of Jihaad that is required on a daily basis to submit to Allah's command?

The answers to 1-3 will vary from person to person...but if the answer to question-4 is a resounding YES, then may Allah bless you in your resolve and your intentions/actions to be closer to HIM...Ameen

I completely agree that a muslim should not approach anything (or find himself in circusmtances and/or situations) that would cause him/her to commit sins...this is the basic rules of engagement.

Ergo, the aim of a muslim should be to shield his Imaan with Taqwaa, this is regardles of what part of the globe the person is, or what era he is living in.

Submission to ALLAH, knows no spatial nor any temporal constraints!

Again, this is just my humble opinion...and above-ALL-is ALLAH, who knows Best!


on January 24, 2006 12:56 PM
Ali Farooki said

Salaam Faisal!

'ahabbaka-lladhee 'ahbabtanee lah(u)
"May the One for whose sake you love me love you."
[Abu Dawud. According to al-Albani, this hadith is sahih. See al-Albani, Sahih Sunan Abi Dawood, vol. 3, pl. 965]

Pray for me too Faisal and the brothers and sisters here that Allah keeps us on the Straight Path. Also please pray for me as I have an exam tomorrow.

On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him), who said that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: Allah will say on the Day of Resurrection:
Where are those who love one another through My glory? Today I shall give them shade in My shade, it being a day when there is no shade but My shade.
It was related by al-Bukhari (also by Malik).

The Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alaihe wa-sallam) said: “When the people of Shaam (Syria, Jordan and Palestine) become corrupt there will be no good in you. And there will not cease to be a group from my Ummah being helped (aided) those that oppose them will not harm them, until the hour is established.” [Related by at-Tirmidhee (2/30), Ibn Majah (1/6-7) and Imaam Ahmad (3/463)]

Imaam al-Bukharee (d. 256H) – rahimahullah – said: “It means Ahlul – Hadeeth (the People of Hadeeth)” [Sharaful – Ashaabul – Hadeeth (p. 27)]

[3] Imaam Ahamd (d. 241H) – rahimahullah – said: “If this Taa’ifatul-Mansoorah are not Ashabul Hadeeth, then I donot know who they are.” [al-Qaadi Iyaad (d.544H) – rahimahullah – said: “What Imaam Ahmad intended was Ahlus Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah, those who hold the Aqeedah of Ahlul Hadeeth [Sharh Saheeh Muslim (13/67) of an-Nawawee]

And Allah made Ahlul Hadeeth (the People of Hadeeth) the pillar of the Shar’eeah and the destroyer of every despised innovations. So they are Allah’s wardens among His creation, and they link between the Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alaihe wa-sallam) and his Ummah, and they strive to preserve Allah’s Deen. So their light shines brightly, their excellence remains, their signs are clear, their positions evident and their proofs are over-powering. And while all the sects coil themselves around vain desires and prefer the blind-following of opinion for the Ahlul-Hadeeth, the Book of Allah is their provision, the sunnah their proof, the Messenger their leader and his command (Hadeeth) is their ascription. They do not deviate upon vain desire, nor turn to mere conjecture. They accept what is reported by the Prophet (sallalahu alaihe wa-sallam) and are the trustworthy and reliable ones, who memorize the Deen and they are its treasures, its storehouses of knowledge and its bearers. If anyone differs about a Hadeeth then it is referred back to them. Their judgment is thus accepted and listened to. From them is every scholar and Imaam. They are the Saved Sect and their way is he straight one…” [Sharaful Ashaabul Hadeeth (pp. 7-9)of al-Khateeb al-Baghdadee]

The Ahlul-Hadeeth are the people of the Prophet, although; They accompany him not, they are with his every movement.” [From the poetry of Hasan Ibn Muhammad an-Nasaawee as is quoted by al-Haafidh Diyaa ud-deen al-Maqdisee in his booklet Fadhul-Hadeeth wa Ahlihi. ]

Ahmad bin Sinaan al-Qattaan said, "There is no Innovator upon the earth except that he hates the People of Hadeeth, for when man innovates,
(perceiving) the sweetness of hadeeth is removed from his heart."

So please pray Inshallah that we are included from the people of Hadeeth also, Faisal.

I ask Allah that I will see you by the Hawd.

on January 25, 2006 3:20 PM
Ibtisam said

I agree with Br. Ali Farooki,
if you can you should leave darul harb and darul kuffar,
every scholar from the east and the west say so.
I am here because of education, before anyone accuses me of double standards or hypocrisy(although 16 years of education has been awhile) but I plan in shaa Allaah to move.

Thanks sisters for the marriage advises, etc.
Althouhg if a person, guy or girl lives by themselves, eventually they are forced to learn domestic duties. They gotta learn to cook so that they dont starve.
Clean so that they dont get illness
and iron their clothes so that they dont look like a slob.
These are not hard things to do. So girls dont need worry.
As far as recipies go, you can ask me.
I made biryani cause I didnt want to die starving.
I put in my own spices and it came out good
and if anybody has za'tar,you can put that along with curry poweder, cumin, it gives it a special aroma and flavor to the biryani and anything else you're gonna make.

And for the guys, rasool SAW use to do every task except cooking the food.

I made new friends in my area, in case hidaya was wonderign where is that crazy gal? I found a masjid nearby, went by there. made some friends with aunties and grandmas at the masjid,
In ramadhaan they made me good food and said,
"where is Ibtisam, etc"
I also made friends with their daughter-in-laws but I liked the aunties adn grandmas more, walhamdulliaah.

on January 28, 2006 11:49 PM
asef said


Sister Ibtisaam...May Allah be most pleased with you, Always...Ameen

Good to hear from you, Alhamdulillah..cause we sure were wondering, where is that crazy sister of ours :)

By the way, thanks for the info...Alhamdulillah...I did not know that I have been doing a sunnah for the past year (which is not to cook food...hehehehe)

And yes I am probably qualified as "house broken" so I do all what you mentioned above and then some...I mean if you are not house broken by the time you are 34 years old, a divorce, and living with two cats, then when will you be?

on January 29, 2006 2:16 AM
bint abdul khaliq said

As Salaamu Alaikum Warahmatullah!

hope everyone is well.I am not around the net much nowadays because i am studying for this year at an islamic institution here insha Allah.Plz make dua that Allah makes it easy for me and accepts it.I have met people from all around the world! Subhanallah..England,Malaysia,Thailand,Mautitious,America,Brazil,Zimbabwe,Canada...too many to mention! Plz rem me in ur duas

Was Salaam

on January 29, 2006 9:29 AM
asef said


Sister Bint Abdul Khaliq:

May Allah's Blessing and Mercy be upon you...

May Allah reward you-each hour of your time spent in learning-a million times...

May Allah open your mind and heart to ease your learning...

May Allah give you Sabr for challenges that will occur during this learning...

May Allah elevate your parents for providing the support to accomplish this learning...

May Allah make it easy for you to practice what you learn with Hikmah, and be a shining example of Sunnah for everyone around you...

And May Allah shower unlimited Hasanaats on you, your family, and loved ones and make you all the dwellings of Jannatul-Firdaus in the hereafter...



on January 29, 2006 10:41 AM
Amatullah said

bint abdul khaliq said

As Salaamu Alaikum Warahmatullah!

hope everyone is well.I am not around the net much nowadays because i am studying for this year at an islamic institution here insha Allah.Plz make dua that Allah makes it easy for me and accepts it.I have met people from all around the world! Subhanallah..England,Malaysia,Thailand,Mautitious,America,Brazil,Zimbabwe,Canada...too many to mention! Plz rem me in ur duas

Was Salaam

Loool! Take care sis! Good 2 c u here, even though ur there ;) And remember us in ur Duas too !

on January 29, 2006 1:33 PM
Ibtisam said

Congratulations, sister bint Abdul Khaaliq, may Allaah accept from you, your efforts and bless you tremendously and may Allaah accept and give you much knowledge of benefit in Islaam.

Br. Asif, may Allaah bless you likewise and accept your 'amaal for His sake and make your life for the better in this world and likewise in the hereafter, ameen.

on January 29, 2006 10:30 PM
asef said


OK I got news that Durbah has a sold-out program for Fiqh of Love: Marriage in Islaam, and already 400 folks have registered...Masha'Allah!

So, Br. Talal, Br. Hassan, Br. Rami, Sister Amani, Sister Bint Saeed, Sister Saima (and her hubby) and all NJ folks have you registered for this class? I really hope so.

Man, I now wish I could have joined this class with you guys...

Well, I hope atleast there are 10 new marriages that happen because of this class...and as a wise man once said...your life doesn't begin, until you have married :)


on February 2, 2006 1:33 AM
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