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February 7, 2006
Glad tidings

by AlBushra

Glad tidings at the time of death would be the true Muslim dream
My dreams are of this and that..of him and her
I want to be a princess in the eyes of Allah swt
Her eyes on Yawm al qiyamah having the ability to see Him.
A princess who is one of a kind, whose prayer Allah
Loves. Whose speech is pleasing to Him. She holds her Iman
with passion like that for a child. Her face glows with the nur
bestowed by the one whom her heart beats for, the one who her mind
thinks of—and the one—who her soul desires-Al Awwal~Al Akhir. Where is
her heiness who is humble in all her matters? Who fasts to attain
taqwa? A princess who gets up for tahajjud, who remembers before Ishraq, who rises for doha.
She is constantly aware that its up to her to hear that which is
good on the day of her return to her owner. She walks firm on the path
of a traveller, detecting the haqeeqa of duniya staying far away from
it, each step of the way. Her piety, patience, and purity is like no
other. She rushes to salah and she rushes to success. Her tiara is
her identity. Her dress is her knowledge. Her shoes are her journey
to home, to akirah. Never in her life, will this princess initiate an
unlawful gaze, an unlawful conversation, an unlawful moment with her
eyes, for she uses her eyes to see Yawm Al Qiyamah in the description
of the Quran. She doesn’t lend her ears to conversations of idle talk
or Al-gheebat for a princess knows true elegance is in the Quran upon
hearing it. The feet of this princess walk to the masjid, walk to the
path of knowledge, she knows not to go on the wrong path. The
beautiful hands of hers give out of sadaqah for the love of HIM who has
provided her with all substance. The princess, the one whom I want to
be. The princess who will receive the glad tidings at death,
accomplishing---the true—Muslim dream.

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asef said



May Allah bring Glad tidings to you and make your true muslim dream a reality, and may you be crowned as a princess...this is the dua for you and all my muslim sisters out there...Ameen

Jazakum Allah Khairan for such a beautiful piece of writing...


on February 7, 2006 2:01 AM
Nadia said

Mashallah, this was a beautiful wish. May Allah (swt) make all of us like the princess who "will recieve the glad tidings at death, accomplishing the true Muslim dream", Ameen

on February 8, 2006 2:21 PM
faz said

a beautiful reminder of what our aim in life should be.. BarakAllahu feeki.

on February 11, 2006 2:48 AM
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