Mile 7: Jasmine Dew
by Saima Siddiqui
Yes, I'm starting this journal today. I guess it'll help me since my best friend has left for Umraah. I'm so happy for her. May Allah give her the best of everything. I asked her to make dua for me...
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Mile 6: Auntification
by Saima Siddiqui
Kunza: Lemme SEE!! Shajeeah: (puts her hand in front of her) Kunza: Masha'Allah!! (smiles) Shajeeah: NOW you LEMME SEE ! Kunza: (puts her hand in front of her) Shajeeah: Masha'Allah! (smiles ) Kunza and Shajeeah: (together) So when's the big...
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Mile 5: Whirling Dervishes
by Saima Siddiqui
Mile 5 of NJ Turnpike $1.35
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Mile 4: Duck...Duck...Goose.
by Saima Siddiqui
Shajeeah: Hey did I tell you I went to a wedding last week? Kunza: (starts the car) No... how was it ? Shajeeah: Well lemme tell you girlfriend, it was like the attack of the Auntie invaders... Kunza: (laughs) Aaah.....
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Mile 3: The Peace Pit
by Saima Siddiqui
Shajeeah: I feel like eating something sweet... Kunza: Like what? (starts the car) Shajeeah: I don't know, like rass malai or something... Kunza: Hmm, have you ever tried to make it at home? Shajeeah: Actually, I have with my mom's...
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Mile 2: Flickering Tube Light
by Saima Siddiqui
Shajeeah: Vot's up yaar Kunza: Noting much, you tell... you tell. Shajeeah: You vanna have a piece of my samosa ? Kunza: No tank you, I just had some lassi. Shajeeah: Ishtop it man, you are embarashing me... you...
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Mile 1 : Confident Hayaa
by Saima Siddiqui
A year after the two girls had originally met, their friendship had grown beyond what they had expected. They talked about everything and anything; they had a perspective common to all, but uncommon to most. Kunza: You wanna meet me...
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by Saima Siddiqui
Freshman year: a bright and energetic 18-yr old Muslim girl wanted to start a new beginning at college. She was a T-shirt and jeans type of girl; however, she never missed any of her daily prayers that she had started...
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