Spiritual D.O.A.
by Justoju
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Confessions of a Nafsanic Drama Queen
by Justoju
Zuhd, Niyyah, and Chinese Dresses
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You Promised to Post: Screwtape on Small Sins
by Justoju
You Promised.
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by Justoju
Tonight I wed a thousand men And live a thousand faces Tonight I make a thousand excuses And sleep within the spaces Tonight I am a thousand colors And do not know the hue of any Tonight I smile wide...
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The Young, Single, and the Restless
by Justoju
“And whosoever keeps his duty to Allah, Allah will appoint a way out for him, and will provide for him from (a quarter) whence he has no expectation. And whosoever puts his trust in Allah, He will suffice him. Lo! Allah brings His command to pass. Allah has set a measure for all things.” (Qur’an 65:2)...oh yeah, and I got engaged too.
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Sit With Me
by Justoju
You really need to rap this out to truly feel it. And if you dont know how to rap, please step back and read it slowly. Please dont kill my rap.
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I Have Nothing To Give You
by Justoju
A poem.
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Finishing the Dream
by Justoju
Sometimes there is very little difference between a dream and a life. Sometimes, an unfinished dream can be completed with one's life, and an unfinished life can be completed with one's dream.
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Iman and Understanding - Part III
by Justoju
Mushahida becoming Iman and then Iman becoming Mushahida...
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Iman and Understanding - Part II
by Justoju
Of these two ways of living we know that the life of Khabr is the one that leads to success in both worlds. The life of Nadhr may seem to benefit your Duniya, but in reality it will do nothing for your Akhirah because its materialist and superficial vision cannot see the Akhirah and does not take it into account.
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Iman and Understanding - Part I
by Justoju
So, given our difficulty in accurately knowing our ‘true’ motivations and beliefs, how do we really know if we have the one thing that is worth anything in Creation--our iman?
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Why Does He Have To Be So Darn Scary?
by Justoju
There are reasons why Allah (SWT)’s Word motivates not only with love, but with fear as well.
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Allah Listens To Those Who Praise Him
by Justoju
And as if he had been waiting for that moment, Shaitan whispered into my heart “Wait a minute, that sounds a little egotistical doesn’t it? What could this mean? Is our Allah, like the Judaic Yahweh described in the Old Testament a jealous or egotistical god? Why does He care about our praise and what is His nature?"
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His Reflection
by Justoju
A poem.
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On Human Understanding - Part II
by Justoju
The body and its imperfect senses, and the mind and its imperfect reasoning and language are not meant to be our primary means and connection to spiritual ‘ilm—The ruh is. You understand the spiritual via the spiritual. He must be known on His terms. You know Him via the Qalb.
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On Human Understanding - Part I
by Justoju
"Someone who seeks God through logical proof is like someone who looks for the sun with a lamp."
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As Easily As you Breathe
by Justoju
But that doesn’t make sense. That sounds like you are saying that you will be a purer Muslim if you cease to feel awe...
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